This kind of made me squirm a little bit the first time I read it.

Botox can do so much more now then just get rid of wrinkles.

You can now give your private parts a full makeover for purely aesthetic reasons.  Here are the facts:

  • Botox can now be used on your vulva or vagina
  • it can prevent sagging or wrinkles
  • it can enhance your “g-spot” and increase pleasure
  • it can treat disorders such as painful intercourse and vaginismus

Who is Eligible for Vaginal Botox?

Generally women aged 18-40 are the most popular for g-spot enhancement.  Cosmetically, women aged 30-65 years old are the most appropriate for that.  Normally women in their fifties.

How does it…work

It really depends.  For g-spot Botox, it can generally be an “in and out” procedure (no pun intended)

For treatment of common vaginal disorders an overnight stay is normally required.

How much?

The doctors we asked generally quoted anywhere between $20,000 to $70,000 but it really varies from practice to practice.  Some doctors specialize in it while others do not.

Like most new procedures, we haven’t really seen what the potential downsides of this are being that the procedure is so new.