Before you start thinking about Botox, please know that there is a dark underworld out there that is not only illegal, but can cause harmful health side effects.

There are a number of “coupons” out there these days running specials for cheap Botox.

Most of them are really too good to be true.

What is happening now is even some of the Doctor’s are getting duped.  Doctors are looking for great deals online, and come across a “legit” distributor of Botox and buy into it.

What these doctors do not realize is that this “Botox” might not be Botox at all.  Other times it could be Botox, but expired, improperly stored, or improperly transported.

You just never know.

“You really want to know what is getting injected into your face, you know?” says Dr Mary Donnin, an established Doctor in downtown Los Angeles.

Then there are the down right shadesters.

People all over have been busted for injected Botox without a license.  Remember the Sandra Bledsoe Botox bust from a few weeks ago?  This woman got busted injecting Botox into (or tried to) a news reporter.  She was later arrested.

Bad Botox: Botox Gone Wrong

These people are running around all throughout the United States.  Just do a Google search for “Bad Botox” and you will see all sorts of images like these:

bad botox 2 bad botox 3 bad botox

It is disgusting, and it is happening more and more.

Particularly in low income communities, Botox being injected by lay people is on the rise.  Each week we are seeing emergency room visits from people having allergic reactions, or scars/bubbles on their faces that cause severe discomfort and pain.

Do yourself a favor, if you are going to be injecting chemicals in your face make sure that you are going to a licensed physician.

Ask for references.

Ask to see the bottle and the purchase order from Botox.

If it seems wrong, get out of the situation and walk away.