Doctors throughout Australia are demanding for regulations for cosmetic procedures such as Botox.  These doctors are warning the public that these procedures are risky and shouldn’t be done by anyone.

The ASPS or Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons wants to make sure that Botox and other facial fillers are subject to federal guidelines.

Geoff Lyons, president of the ASPS stated:

“We are concerned that the general public think of cosmetic procedures such as injectibles, fillers and lasers as not hazardous and therefore pose no risk. Unqualified practitioners using unapproved equipment, or injecting prescription drugs in unsafe environments is a recipe for disaster.  Collagen and Botox are prescription items and as such, should be prescribed by a doctor and injected under appropriate supervision in a properly audited facility that can manage if something goes wrong.”

The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council also wants to the same thing.  They are hoping to create a national framework that would consist of guidelines and regulations for these procedures, and to punish those who do not have proper licensure.

“We endorse this national framework, It goes some distance towards the creation of a safer environment for consumers”

Dr Lyons also wanted to let the public know that procedures such as Botox and laser are  “still real medical procedures” and should be governed accordingly.

Not sure why Australia has waited so long to regulate Botox.  I had no idea things were so crazy over there.

Hopefully we will have some more updates on this.