An interview on the Anderson Cooper show with “the Human Barbie” was cut short after he called her “dreadful” for being so shallow and fake.

Anderson asked the human barbie “what is so wrong with sweating” in reference to her giving her 7 year old child Botox for sweating.

She replied with some sort of nonsensical response about Beyonce sweating on stage or something.

Then Anderson begins to struggle with more questions, and states”

“I honestly have nothing more to talk to you about. I gotta be honest with you, I gotta stop.  Yea, I try to be really polite to all my guests but I just find you dreadful.”

“Thats fine, fine, fine.” says the human Barbie as she walked off.

After the show he responded with this:

Others are not so nice.  One blog wrote a post titled, “5 Reasons Why Sarah Burge is a Terrible Motherhighlighting the fact that she supported her 7 year old getting a boob job (by giving her a voucher), giving her Botox, taking photos of her on a stripper pole, and encouraging liposuction.

Who is the REAL human Barbie?

One thing I don’t get about the human barbie doll, is I thought there already was a human barbie doll?

I did a quick Google search and surely this is not the same person:

human barbie botox

I come to find out that the British Mother, Sarah Burge is defintiely different than Valeria Lukyanova, the real human barbie doll from the Ukraine.

I don’t know what either one of these women are trying to do here, but they definitely both make me cringe from looking at them.


Not sure what else to write here.

They are gross, weird and people I generally do not wish to know.