Zoe Saldana is an actress that was recently featured in InStyle mag where she talked all about beauty and anti-aging methods in her own career.

She stated that she certaintly would have Botox if she felt that it would help her confidence was being effected by her looks.

“I’d have botox, Honey” she stated in her interview.  “It scares me that there are so many women unhappy with themselves, ashamed of themselves, of ageing, of being who they are. … I’m OK with it. You can judge me all you want, I’m OK with myself.”

I have to say that she looks stunning and her skin is absolutely gorgeous in the photos they shot during the magazine article.  She was wearing a Prada kimono in one of the looks and a Miu Miu bra top/skirt and coat in the other one. She also wore an LV dress which was so cool  Oh how I love fashion.

The star also wears a ’60s chequered mini-dress by Louis Vuitton that shows off her perfectly toned legs.

We loved her outfit.

Not really sure why this one comment hit the media so hard, it was on the front page of Google and Yahoo news today but I guess Botox is the hot topic right now and everyone wants to talk about it.