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I did some digging and according to the folks over at E online, apparently Bravo started to do some casting for “The Real Housewives of Boca Raton” that featured a cast of “older people” that were of course, fabulous as well.

First I found a really interesting interview that Bethany Frankel did back in 2009 before she became “famous” with Broward / Palm Beach magazine.  Basically what was happening at this time was the producers of ‘housewives’ were vetting cities across the USA and Boca Raton came up as one of them.

I think Boca would have been a great choice. Mizner Park, Town Center Mall, The Boca Raton Resort…Boca is filled with fabulous places and fabulous people. There is a lot of money and power (and Botox) in Boca Raton and I think it would have made a great choice. On the other hand it just isn’t as big as places like Atlanta, NYC and Orange County.

Either way check out this really interesting writeup that E online did about Boca Raton and the Housewives show. Maybe YOU could be the next Boca Housewife one day 🙂


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