Yup that’s right.

The beautiful Times Square Sheraton has recently undergone a recent $180 million renovation.

The Sheraton is so excited about finally finishing this renovation, that they are offering their guests an “uplifting perk.”

Basically what this means, is that if you can prove that you have received Botox or any other major cosmetic enhancement or home improvement in their homes you will receive $50 off your hotel stay.

Let me just say this, people shacking up at the Sheraton Time Square and getting Botox/renovating their homes  don’t give a flying f**k about $50.

I wonder how many people will realllllly redeem this?


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Eva Wilkinson is an avid health and beauty blogger and loves to write about Botox, facial fillers, and laser hair removal. Eva lives in Boca Raton and owns 2 basset hounds.

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