Oh no.

Nikki Cox was so beautiful.

She was one of my favorite a-listers ever.

She had such a promising career, and so much going for her.

So what happened?

Early in her career, she got some breast implants. Big fake boobs were “hot” back in the 90’s and she looked pretty good.  In 2005, she started getting Botox injections and things just lost control.

In 2008 she started getting plastic surgery in order to improve the look of her lips aka lip augmentation with permanent implants.  Sadly, this went wrong.

She had a gorgeous smile now all she has is fat puffy lips.

I always liked her because she was tiny and cute, now she looks tiny and puffy, and just odd.

It also makes her nose look reallly small.

Sadly nothing can be done about this.  It is really hard to reverse plastic surgery and you really cannot undo what has been done.

We are rooting for you Nikki but have one final piece of advice:  stop now!


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